March26 , 2023

Monkey Killed After Ripping Woman’s Ear Like ‘A Piece Of Paper’



A pet monkey was killed after attacking a lady in Oklahoma, and the sufferer is detailing the accidents that she suffered by the hands of this animal.

The Animal Evaded Authorities Before Being Shot By A Citizen

According to a social media assertion made by the Dickson Police Department, the incident unfolded earlier this week, and it started when police obtained a name a couple of monkey being noticed on somebody’s entrance porch.

Authorities word that, after they arrived on the scene, the animal “jumped on the rear of his patrol automobile.” Then, authorities word that the monkey “ran in the direction of the sufferer and climbed onto her head” earlier than continuing to injure her.

The sufferer was then transferred to a hospital to obtain remedy, and the primate evaded seize by scurrying off into the woods

We must also word that the officers situated the animal’s house owners close by, although they had been finally unable to seize it. However, a household pal of the sufferer later arrived on the scene and fatally shot the monkey.

Victim Recounts Monkey Attack: ‘Ripped My Ear In Half Like You Would A Piece Of Paper’

In addition to the police assertion, KTEN supplied additional details about a sit-down with the sufferer, recognized as Brittany Parker.

Parker recounted the expertise, noting that the animal “ran up [her] again.” She additionally added, “[The monkey] ripped my ear in half such as you would a bit of paper.”

“He ran up my again and jumped onto my head, pulled hair out, after which ripped my ear in half such as you would a bit of paper.”

She additionally shared that the household pal who finally killed the monkey was additionally attacked, because the animal “slapped him throughout the face.”

“We referred to as him and he came to visit right here, and after I had been attacked, the monkey went out to his automobile, slapped him throughout the face, and pulled his hair.”

The outlet additionally factors out that, as monkeys are “thought-about domesticated animals underneath Oklahoma legislation,” the proprietor did not want a allow to personal the primate.

What do you consider the general scenario, and would you ever preserve a primate as a pet? Additionally, how would you’re feeling if one was being saved as a pet close by?